We have been producing Industrial Cleaning and Health Products since 1980

Our goal is to be a world brand which directs the customer needs with its product and service solutions developed in all countries of the world by constantly developing itself, leading the Industrial Cleaning and Health Products sectors, creating innovative, cost-effective and environment-friendly differences.

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100% domestic soap dispensers are suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms of workplaces, cafes, offices, etc. It is sufficient apply just a slight force to the foam-soap press in front. It is practical to use and has a locking mechanism.

Center-pull towel dispensers are suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and offices. The product to be sent with the mounting equipment has a locking mechanism and is compatible with domestic and foreign products.

Infected waste bins used in factories, laboratories, industry and especially in the field of health, for indoor and outdoor spaces. Production design, color and logo application in accordance with the Waste Regulation. It will be sent as assembled and it is compatible with domestic and international usage areas.


Dustbins are the most important part of cleaning in many areas of our lives! The dustbins in various sizes, for use in homes, offices and large public facilities and in open spaces such as parks and gardens and other public places are indispensable for hygiene reasons today..

Cleaning buckets, which are still indispensable in all areas from shopping mall cleaning to hospital / school / building cleaning, are produced from quality plastic materials approved by the world-wide standardization institutions with their easy and ergonomic design.

We keep producing all products from slippery floor boards to mop apparatus, from dustpan to urinals, from pumps to wet floor tile, from tap-end to pitcher, from toilet brush to clothes hanger etc.


The quality control is our priority, with our innovative and developing character.


R&D Department

Our R&D department, thanks to their expert employees and engineers, produces solutions by keeping the pulse of the sector with its innovative and original designs that will make the life easier in line with the needs of domestic and international customers


Molding Shop

The R&D unit and our Mold Workshop, which is affiliated with this unit, performs the development of the existing designs within its structure, with its expert and experienced injection mold masters.

Quality Management

It has quality management and regulation documents required in International Standards. It uses engineering plastics that have been examined and documented by world-renowned standardization organizations.


Depending on the delivery term (factory, loading area, port and door delivery), our loading operations are carried out in parcels or pallets, following both domestic and international loading and unloading principles