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We have exported to 24 countries so far and we are still working. Our target for 2020 is to increase this number to 30.What is your

In domestic wholesale orders, we can make parcel-based sales with factory delivery, and we can respond to your orders in smaller quantities through our Afacan Shopping Mall and our e-commerce page, In export sales, we can make minimum 20 ′ ft sales.

Our deadline varies depending on the stock status and order quantity. Thanks to our full-time working factory, we can respond to domestic and international demands as soon as possible.

We can evaluate the formation of a country or regional authorized dealership in the national and international markets, with our reliable customers who have commercial history with us and with whom we have been working in full compliance, and if the sales and logistics channels are at the level of representing our company.

facan Plastik participates in many domestic and international fairs related to its sector.

We use the following delivery terms in our overseas sales:

  • EXW
  • FOB
  • FCA
  • CFR
  • DAP

We use the following payment methods in our overseas sales:

  • Down payment (Bank transfer)
  • LC (Letter of Credit), minimum 40’ft.Container